Cryolife Litigation: Latest News

Latest News

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Press Release:Gonyer Contaminated Tissue (21 April 2003)

For more Gonyer case info see Other Cases

Two December Lawsuits Dealing with Common Donor Cadaver

Clancy (2 December 2002)

Talton (2 December 2002)


Press Release: Cryolife Tissue From Same Donor Cadaver Maims Two People

(2 December 2002)


FDA issues Provisional Distribution of Vascular Tissue and Valves

(6 September 2002)


Law Firm Reaction to CryoLife’s Inadequate Insurance Coverage

(5 September 2002)


AATB Says It Can Be Done

(26 August 2002)


FDA Announcement: Shuts Down CryoLife

(14 August 2002)


Law Firm Reaction to FDA Closure

(14 August 2002)


Cryolife Admits To Using Contaminated Tissue

(25 June 2002)

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